John Whitney



Stainless steel stopwatch  

Online timers to count up or down, stopwatch timers, alarm clocks, presentation timers, split lap timers, chess timers, multi-timers . . .

Front view of online internet calculator  

Basic calculator is easy to use and will expand or shrink to any size.  Robust, simple, fast, and intuitive.  Great in the classroom, office, o home . . .

Four classic books, leather bound, with gold edges  

Quickly search, browse and bookmark the Internet while using multiple computers and multiple browsers.  Always the same, always there . . .

Example Telegram  

In today's world of fleeting communications, an endearing Telegram, from you, will be long remembered.  Send one to announce an event or just to say thank you . . .

TempEye M120i Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer  

Precise thermometers offering light-switch simple functionality in robust form factors.  It starts with a 'built to last' engineering philosophy.  This guides the product specifications and drives the component selection.  All designed with ease of use in mind . . .

Front and back of Twenty-Five Goldbacks  

Goldbacks are thin flexible rectangular gold coins that can serve as a store of value or as a voluntary local means of exchange.  Asayo is an official Goldbacks Inc distributor and so we inventory and sell online the full line of Goldback Inc products, shipping worldwide . . .

The tops of three Goldbacks, 10 25 and 50